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↷ ⁞ ki_0067 9/6/2020

⁞ hey! How have you been doing? We haven't talked in sooo long... you should come and join my server! I bet you'll find someone to talk to if you are bored.


꒰。゚strawberry꒱ 26 different colors to spice your name up with

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ very cute and aesthetic server!

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ looking for partnerships even though we are small

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ fun bots like: dank memer, owo bot, yggdrasil, and even a pokecord 2.0!

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ laid back server and accepting of everyone!

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ cute emotes with more to come

꒰。゚strawberry꒱ hope you stay and help us grow! :)

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ki. 🧃 Bumped 3 hours ago

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