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Pokémon GO International Raiders

We're a fairly new server launched up in August of 2020. Pokémon GO International Raiders is meant to bring the Pokémon community together and bring the joy of playing the game to the next level.

We have a top-notch staff who is willing to help every step of the way!

Come join us and see what we are about!
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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews
Kaos1985 Kaos1985
Awesome discord!
Been enjoying here and helps me a lot with remote invites especially I’m a workaholic during day time.. so doesn’t give me a chance to do raids during the time. I’m glad I joined here and able to do raids thanks to the people from different time zones making it possible! Keep up the good work.
19 hours ago
TheZenBetta TheZenBetta
If you want remote raids, this is the place
Honestly this discord has gone to great lengths to streamline hosting, joining and battling raids. It’s a great community so far and raiding from my couch has never been easier! If you want to be a part of a rapidly growing community in the post COVID era PoGo experience this is the place for you! There are members from all over the world meaning the raids don’t stop just because your time zone reaches the pesky 9 pm mark!
38 days ago
RasberyN RasberyN
BEST GROUP EVER/Pokemon Go International Raiders
Great and Friendly group. Admins are fantastic and will help you maximize your potential. Community that likes to help and make you laugh. The only down side is that it is all virtual and I dont get to meet these people in person.
41 days ago
SkinnyWalrus SkinnyWalrus
Best server I've ever been in for Pokémon GO
Very friendly members, helpful and the raids are amazing! They are very organized and easy to get into with 3 simple steps. Join us! You won't regret it!
42 days ago