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Sex & Flex

Ever wondered why you need to verify to view porn in servers? Well look no further because in this no nonsense server you can do whatever sexy things you wanna do. Starting from ERP and sexting to e-fucking chicks in VC you can have full pleasure of whatever you wanna do.
✅ Find people who might fuck you or may even be person of your dreams
✅ Both NSFW and SFW channels are available to soothe you
✅ Free Nudes and Lewds
✅ Hentai of your wet dreams
✅ Find your soulmate

Rules for joining:
1. Please be respectful to all users and staff. We are working on building a great community, and will not tolerate harassment.

2. Please don't use illegible or blank usernames and nicknames - staff and other users should be able to recognize and mention you.

3. Do not post violent or otherwise highly offensive content.

4. Do not incite other users to break rules.

5. Witch-hunting (group harassment of particular targets), doxxing (publicizing a user’s personal information) and other forms of targeted harassment are unacceptable under any circumstance.

6. Please do not ping (@) staff or other users/groups frivolously. If you @ the entire server staff then there better be a real crisis happening.

7. Advertising of any kind is not allowed. Staff will delete and punish those who post advertisements.

8. No spamming characters or caps over and over.

9. [email protected] and the n word are both not allowed, no matter what the context is.

10. Misusing accidental bugs or issues put in by staff members without reporting it.

Voice Chat Rules
1. No ear raping or yelling into the mic for no reason

2. Do not spam leave and join the chat

3. Be respectful to who you are talking to
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