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Sonic Unlimited
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Sonic Unlimited

Hey! Are you looking for a fun and exciting roleplay community that offers a variety of different kinds of roleplay from story based to casual and simple?

Look no further!

Sonic Unlimited is a roleplay server that offers your main arc as well as the ability to roleplay pretty much any and every character from the series you can think of! From the game canon to Sonic Underground, we have it all! In Sonic Unlimited, you will have..

💎 Lots of channels for you to express yourself and even other interests you may have that aren't just Sonic!

💎 A hardworking mod team working around the clock to provide the best experience imaginable.

💎 Both plot based and casual roleplay.

💎 Characters from all different sources of media that you can roleplay!

💎 All around a fun and positive community looking to make new friends and lots of memories.

Don't be shy! We hope to see you there.
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