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Among us games daily! Anime streams! Cyberpunk aesthetic! NSFW channels!
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An up and coming Discord community focused on gaming, friends, streaming and more.

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Rij Rij
Aesthetic, Community
Honestly, I know I helped with making it but the aesthetic of it all was not my doing. I absolutely adore how the server was designed and customized. It's not your generic discord server where you have emojis smacked in front of text for each channel. Rather, it's its own community and oozes originality.

On top of that, the community has chill and lax vibes. People come together for events and games, and while there are competitive, heated interactions, there are also very relaxing interactions when we watch movies together and make friends with one another. This server deserves more love and recognition because it caters to all gamers and has room for improvement as the community expands. The staff team discusses constantly of what they can do to make the place better, what prizes can they give out and such.

If you're looking for friends, for gamers, and for a place to feel welcomed and comfortable in, on top of events AND prizes regarding activity within the server, then I highly recommend going here!
11 days ago