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✨Season's End✨
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✨Season's End✨

Artists are welcome to join and link their twitters and seek commissions from the server we are small but growing quickly...

🎃🎃Season’s End 🎃🎃
This 😈Naughty Little Server 😈of Season’s End is
Here for all your Social, Vibing, and Emotional needs…
Where a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Small Community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 That Enjoys Just Chilling and Having a Bit of Fun While Being a Bit Silly, We Enjoy a Bit of 💋Sexting 💋, 🤠Roleplaying 🤠, and 💬Just Having a Chat 💬…

🔑 🔑 Key Aspects of The Server 🔑 🔑
🦄 🦄 LGBTQ+ Friendly 🦄🦄
💕💕 Safe and Welcoming Community💕💕
😎🐻 Plenty of Self-Assignable Roles 🐻😎
🍆🍆Automated Hentai Section 🍆 🍆
📅 📅Monthly Events 📅 📅

If you join with the intention of not mixing into the community and just came to be rude or arrogant I will just 🚫ban 🚫 you…

Under 18 can join but will be locked behind a underage role

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Cain Cain
A Lovely Place To Get Away
In those times where one may wonder if they will find a Discord that holds a bit of everything that they may want Season's End is that place. A lovely little server to enjoy and find new friends in. With events planned and a variable of channels this server has a bit of everything one could want.
26 days ago
DartS DartS
A welcoming surprise
To be perfectly honest, I never thought of joining a NSFW server before.

"Oh, it's just gonna be full of horny teenagers", "It's just a place to exchange NSFW photos", I was saying to myself, but I give it a try anyway.
And, oh boy, how I was wrong!

I have met so many friendly people and made some friends along the way too. Funny and interesting interactions, games to distract myself, seasonal events, voice chats and much more have yet to come.

Cause yeah, this server is not even 2 months old and with this amount of quality, I can't wait to see what will happen next!

That's why I'm here to say, as one of the first persons to have joined this server, that I highly recommend this server for anyone over 18! ^^
37 days ago
Mihash02 Mihash02
A Good Place to Find New People
I have a part of this server not long after it was first created and I can say that it is a great place to meet new people who I would not know otherwise. They are always open ears to whatever you have to say and even better, more people are still joining for you to meet. I have met people from Australia, Germany, and even someone from Russia now, as a guy from the Midwest I never thought I would meet such a range of people. We also have played games together such as Pictionary which was a blast with our group and there is so much more to come.
37 days ago
Kimolga Kimolga
A place not afraid for changes
Seasons End is a new server, but filled with ambition. I don't know how so much energy and thought can put into a project, but Kuroneko[the owner] always thinks about how to make things better and more comfortable.
I'd say that his server is primarily for chill and talk, but isn't afraid to let the topic deviate, into a mature direction. It needs to be said that being 18 is mandatory, as erotic role-playing, as well as text channels with pornographic content are present. The server is a bit older than two weeks, the time I write this, so if you may join and stumble upon some rough edges please forgive it and contact King, Queen, or Princess(our admins)
Our community is an accumulation of chill people that could help you with a rough day, or just open a discussion about some niche gaming topic.
Next to those chats some game corners are provided, run by various bots. Events are monthly, some weekly held, some times with a Discord Nitro sub as its price.
If you aren't a jerk feel free to join. We can surely find some interesting topics.
50 days ago