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C̵̑̆h̶̿̚a̷͊͗ö̶́̊s̴̋̏ ̶̃̾R̷͛̾e̶͒̍a̴̋̆l̷̛̍m̸̔̾
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C̵̑̆h̶̿̚a̷͊͗ö̶́̊s̴̋̏ ̶̃̾R̷͛̾e̶͒̍a̴̋̆l̷̛̍m̸̔̾

This a pretty cool sonic the hedgehog fan server, Join and make some friends!
SomicAndTells Bumped 14 days ago

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SomicAndTells SomicAndTells
Server and what not
Coming from me, the owner, I do recommend joining the server while it being overall a well organised server and user friendly and all. But every server has it's drama and such but that's nothing we can't handle. Yeah I gave it 5 stars because i'm the owner, why wouldn't I give it 5 stars lol
55 days ago
DannyNova DannyNova
Great Community
This server is one of the chillest servers on discord. Theres never any drama and everyone is nice to each other. Very epic community. The server is really well organized too.
58 days ago