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Whale! a DDlg tale (18+)
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Whale! a DDlg tale (18+)

Welcome to Whale! A DDlg Tale (18+)
A 18+ server for Daddies, Mommies, Caregivers, Dom's, Littles, Middles, Subs and more.
We are a safe place for all to enjoy everything DDlg. We are a free of judgment server.

Some of Our Features:

Age-verification System
Dedicated Channels for Different Roles
Little Space That is Only for Them
Book Club
Coloring Contests
Movie Nights
Game Nights
Friendly and Helpful Community
Judgement Free Staff
Music Area
NSFW Channels
Unlocking Channels by Leveling Up
Cute Emojis
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Ratings & Reviews

1 review
princessofwhales 🐳 princessofwhales 🐳
i think its the best... *giggles*
we have a lot to offer and we have age verification so everyone is safe from underage users.
53 days ago