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∼ Aurora ∼

⊱Want to meet sexy people? Find the love of your life? Talk to kinky peers? Drool over nudes? Show off your body? Then you should join Aurora!⊰

⁂ Lots of emotes.

⁂ Self-roles.

⁂ Friendly & experienced staff members.

⁂ Fun bot commands for everyone to use.

⁂ Locked NSFW channels for verified 18+.

⁂ Beautiful people.

⁂ Kinky persons.

⁂ Events!

⁂ Post images & links anywhere!

⁂ Colour roles!

⁂ Active VC's!
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Isaiah Isaiah
Safe Space for All
The server is ran by an amazing owner Hanna, she does a great job making sure everyone feels safe. They have a great verification system and chats that are always full on conversation. VCs are active and is the best server I’ve joined in a long time.
16 days ago