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🎃 | Deep Network Security

🎃 | Deep Network Security

We are Deep Network Security!
Don't be mistaken, we aren't your normal chatting server!

We are a growing and active community based around:
- Programming
- Digital art creation
- Cyber Security
and a pinch of ethical hacking!

What we offer:

- Variety of rooms to help you learn
- Inclusion of everyone from beginner to experts
- cheerful and helpful community

So don't wait and join the server today!
KillerDrift Bumped 16 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Cmag007 Cmag007
its a good sever
its good and nice and stufffonfoqhuwuocfnupp938oythallxainue-nf/xmodfenwrhjvucdhdjvd
45 days ago
salty bros salty bros
Sick server
Server is totally rad, you can learn ETHICAL hacking and programming so people stop calling you a skiddie.
48 days ago
KillerDrift KillerDrift
Great Server
Overall brilliant server great staff active members. It’s something for everyone even if your not a programmer! My fave staff member is this guy named KillerDrift#4004 he is super funny. I think I’m in love with him LOL.
48 days ago