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Lumahai - Emotional Support
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Lumahai - Emotional Support

Welcome to Lumahai - Emotional Support!
Lumahai: a server built from the ground up to be the most comprehensive and fully-featured Active Listening community on Discord.

At Lumahai, we offer fully confidential one-on-one sessions between Members and Listeners. Within these sessions, Members are able to discuss whatever thoughts, emotions or worries that might be on their mind without fear of judgment. Meanwhile, Listeners are able to offer their full attention and focus, along with empathy, support, and just enough reflection to help their Members process their experiences- without taking control of the conversation.

Listeners are Members who've undergone our application process and have demonstrated an understanding of active listening skills (both conceptually and practically). Additionally, they've also been tested on the topics of confidentiality, ethics and conflict resolution. Listeners are an important pillar of our community, and they're here to help!

And while active listening services form the core of our server, Lumahai also offers a robust and active community that's perfect for making new friends! Introduce yourself, swing by our general chats and community channels and maybe even drop in for one of our community game nights/movie night streams!

What do we offer?

✧ Private and confidential Active Listening sessions
✧ An extensive list of crisis resources from countries across the globe that have been sorted between hotlines, text-lines and web chats for your convenience
✧ A sleek, extensively-documented and highly automated server
✧ Non-obtrusive automods, both traditional and experimental (powered by machine learning, in order to identify toxicity without relying on word lists)
✧ An interactive community, in the form of game nights and movie nights
✧ Bots for leveling, currency, music and more!
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