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✧ ✰ 。 *barbland* 。 ✰ ✧

in need of a new funny tight knit community to join? this server is great for making friends with barbz all around the world! we stan nicki minaj, but we welcome anyone in our server. we are toxicity-free <3
♡ we play minecraft (we have a minecraft server)
♡ pro-blm, acab, anti-strag, LGBTQ+ friendly
♡ diverse members
♡ many roles and acitivities
♡ low-moderation
♡ no racists, homophobes or anything like that
♡ 200+ cute stickers
♡ active staff & members

dont be afraid to stop bye and say hi < 3 we're really funny promise
claire Bumped 7 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
axel patridge axel patridge
best server 2020 !!!!!!
i like this server bc claire (owner😍😍) is a nice and kind and genuine and cool and smart and loving and warmhearted and person. she loves to talk to us and is very active !! we’ve been thru many eras (timespan of a trend btw) and me and my friends like this server very much💓💓💓
19 days ago
! 𝖑𝖎𝖆. ! 𝖑𝖎𝖆.
best server ever!
i love this server so much , i have been in this server for a while and i have made so many new friends and i feel like i have gotten so close with them . it really makes me happy there are so many great people here. this server is so accepting. I made so many friends here !! you should join this server its really really cool !!!!!!!!!
19 days ago
plastic plastic
love this server!!<3
this server is so fun and cute! there’s so many sociable people who are always active, and there’s giveaways often and gaming/movie nights !!! my experience has been an overall amazing one!<333
19 days ago
wallsknockedsofiaout wallsknockedsofiaout
stan barbland
I have been in barbland for a few weeks and it is amazing! barbland has really helped me come out of my ✨shell✨. it's like they are my soulmates! great place 100/10 u should join now. stan barbland❤
- sofia, country girl
19 days ago