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Shingeki no SCARY
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Shingeki no SCARY

⚔ Shingeki no Onsen ⚔

"In a world where humans are forced to live in hiding from gigiantic humanoid monsters named "Titans" to survive, Eren Yeager is faced with the horrors of the reality he lives in, and promises himself to save humanity by driving the titans to extinction for the sake of what is left of humanity."

𝓢𝓝𝓞 is an unofficial Attack on Titan themed discord server which consists of regular chat channels to talk to other community members, several bot games such as "guess the episode from the image" and such as well as AoT discussion channels to send memes, fan creations or just to talk about the series!

We hope that you join us soon!
𝚂𝚊𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚢𝚘 ❤
-ˏˋ,☆Carol The Baddest☆ˎˊ˗ Bumped 49 minutes ago

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Hiro Sohma Hiro Sohma
!! Amazing Server !!
This server has all your basic needs and more! Fast Responding Mods Easy to understand rules and channels AoT discussion Anime and Manga! AoT Updates including birthdays and manga releases! Friendly community. easy to work with mods, cool bots and more! If you're looking for a laid back AoT server I highly recommend you join!
64 days ago
fleurolea fleurolea
its a great server. great staff members too and uh its amazing, very amazing.its provides enough channels for every topics so thats good 😃😃👏✨
70 days ago
InfinityRaptor InfinityRaptor
Nice place with cool people to chat to, plenty of channels and bots to play around with
74 days ago
『Juice』 『Juice』
I am doing this for a cookie
Rap does this count? I mean the server is good and stuff but I want my freaking cookie
74 days ago