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Lost ☀ Paradise
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Lost ☀ Paradise

We welcome you to Pokémon: Lost☀Paradise!

A SFW 16+ server with canon and Original Characters to roleplay as! People are laid back, respectful, and look forward to roleplay in a casual environment. Not interested in roleplaying? That’s okay, too. There are channels dedicated to gaming, artwork (including ones you may do!), and much more! Pull up a seat at the Java Jolt Café or stay lost at the Game Corner to generate income to buy items for your Pokémon in a unique custom battle system created for just this server. OR buy an egg and raise your very own pokémon!

★ While our main focus are trainers, you can use your pokémon to interact, too.
★ Tupperbox can be used here!
★ This server offers slice of life, but there are ways to collect badges, catch wild pokémon, and form bonds with other trainers of the island!
★ Friendly staff and helpful members looking to assist members to get situated!
★ Potential of hatching shiny Pokémon from eggs.
★ Side-quests for characters to participate in.

The server is dedicated to roleplay, and to apply for a character, one must put in an audition. There’s a roster to see which characters are currently active. The expectancy of the server is semi-literate (we all do our best to improve!) with a minimum of one paragraph per post. Be patient. Be respectful and enjoy, trainers!
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Lost Paradise | Review
If you're looking for an inclusive, tightknit, Pokémon roleplay community, Lost Paradise is absolutely the way to go. They have a diverse amount of both canon and OC characters- and the literacy limit is reasonable, and most members go above and beyond with their posts! Even staying out of RP is amazing- with almost daily interactive voice chats, fun activities, and thriving art channels, it really is the place to be for Pokémon content on Discord.
38 days ago