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Sonic Sanctuary is a Sonic-focused Discord community with a plentiful of channels and content. Chat with members and share everything Sonic!
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Theo Theo
A very honest review.
A reminder; I am only rating this server 5 stars due to the fact my best friend owns this server and not wanting to deprive of its attention excluding what I am writing here now.
Although this server can be welcoming at times, and I mean ''at times'', the people in power positions are extremely corrupt [excluding the owner]

I truly believe the owner has made some very poor decisions on who to choose to represent the server in terms of moderation and rule keeping. His girlfriend [the co owner] has seemed to be very controlling and especially corrupt in terms of moderation, she has exhibited very dictatorial behaviour as in not allowing us to speak of those looked down upon outside of the server.

The co owner does not allow any NSFW or anything along the lines, but is baffled at why people give an odd reaction to her posting a drawing of a pregnant Sonic and softcore porn of the owners OC.

One moderator in particular who shall not be named, has been extremely rude especially to myself and many others for what seems to be either no reason, or misguided reasons, they have been putting in very poor efforts into their job and has been very biased towards different pupils in the server. This particular moderator was confronted with an issue and was told to provide evidence, which in response sent back screenshots of messages taken wildly out of context, aswell as not even fitting the subject of the issue.
When confronted about the misconceived evidence, they replied with answers which consists of ''I am right, and you are wrong'' type of responses, they have yet to admit to their fault and have seemed to have looked past and forgotten about the situation as a whole.

Some of the servers members can be extremely rude and unforgiving. However, even when unprovoked, they have been especially rude to me despite me not saying a word of harshness to or towards them.

It appears that only certain types of personalities are permitted within the server, and those personalities other than those they can relate to and or prefer are looked down upon and disrespected frequently.

This server, although with many flaws can be a good haven for those who are fans of Sonic, with many channels to express what you want such as art channels, media channels, a recently added memes channel, venting channel, gaming categories, and an achievements channel for things from the real world that you are proud of that you'd like to share with the server.

Very few people in the server are nice, respectful good people, and those people are the exact ones who make the server prevail in my eyes.

This has been my honest overlook on the server, I hope you read and understood what I have written.

Bon Voyage,
16 days ago
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random human random human
Server is amazing!
I love this server everyone is welcoming,kind,and cool! amazing staff who will listen to you and help you with whatever you need
44 days ago
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Fantastic server
I shall not post 80 characters of text because i dont have that many words to say. If you want more out of me then you shall pay me. This server has my graditute and will always be a good place in my heart. If you think otherwise, that is your own choice. But this place is special, has the most funniest people ive met, and you will enjoy it here. so please, take your time to read this review, and take in what im saying.
71 days ago