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Sonic Roleplay: A New Adventure
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Sonic Roleplay: A New Adventure

Hello, and welcome to Sonic Roleplay: A New Adventure. This server is relatively new, and we as a community are always welcome to new members. If you're good at roleplaying, looking at a server to have a fun experience, or being subpar at it and wanting to improve, then look no further!

Upon joining, you will have to verify yourself by answering a couple of quick questions and simple things about yourself, such as how much you love Sonic, your comprehension of the server rules, and your Discord name. Once you fill out the verification template and it is accepted by one of the admins, you are now within the main community of the server!

By the time you are verified, you can now choose from the vast catalog of characters, starting with Sonic's world, as well as Classic Characters and Sol Dimension Dwellers like Blaze and Marine. However, instead of picking an existing character, how about making your original character?

Making sure to follow the template in the server, but also keeping in mind character balancing, you can become your oc in no time! Make a character that we all love, or just a new threat for the gang to deal with? That doesn't matter, because anything can happen in Project Sonic Roleplay! There are still many things I haven't spoken about in this brief summary, so what are you guys waiting for? Join, and let's get this show on the road!

(NOTE: The server is very new, so there are not many members or staff members on the server yet. Either way, enjoy your stay.)
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