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The Realm Beyond

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Deep Roleplay | Rich Lore | Challenging Combat | Real Consequences

Somewhere far beyond the Prime Material Plane is another world, a darker world, authored by Demons and inhabited by worse. Join us in Acroshia, where magic is dangerous, gods are remote, the corrupted fall.. and then they rise.

The Realm Beyond is a hardcore, grimdark, low-magic fantasy setting that runs on a modified 5e ruleset. Players start off as either heroic prisoners exiled to a foreign land, or native commoners experiencing a zero-to-hero journey. The setting incorporates custom systems for injuries, spell fumbles, sanity checks, downtime, crafting and much, much more.

The Realm Beyond has a dual focus on committed RP and challenging combat. Gameplay, especially at low levels, is high-lethality, and every victory feels earned. The setting is filled with rich lore which takes inspiration from diverse influences, including Game of Thrones, Darkest Dungeon, and H.P. Lovecraft.

Our geographically-diverse community and staff are positive, helpful, and excited to welcome you. The Realm Beyond members also have access to Roll20 Pro, WorldAnvil, Compendium Books for Roll20 and many cool assets.

The Realm Beyond is a mature setting with content most suitable for players 18 and up.
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews
Norell Norell
Great and active 5e westmarch!
Awesome dm's great players and a realy nice atmosphere. Beginner friendly and helpfull community.
44 days ago
Quin Quin
pretty neat server
I've been playing couple days but adore it already! they got some neat homebrew stuff, a world which is interesting and the community is amazing~
44 days ago
jimmylang jimmylang
TBH this i my 1st ever experience with a D&D server and they never made me feel more welcome, they are accepting for all people and the staff are so helpful its insane! i went form not knowing anything to being quite proficient in like 2weeks. they have a bunch of time slots suited to all time zones and they have a nice reward system and the campaigns are very challenging and if you mess up you will die its kinda brutal but fair... most of the time hahaha
78 days ago
Andyjash Andyjash
Fantastic community
What can I say? This discord group is fantastic for those who wish to regularly enjoy a D&D game, with many games across different times of the week, for those who wish to do a game on the odd occasion or if you wish to run a regular game this community is great for both.
Multiple GMs across different time zones.
79 days ago