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Multiple Minds
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Multiple Minds

Welcome to Multiple Minds!
DNI: Non-truamagenic Systems
Undiagnosed and questioning systems are allowed !

This is a system based server which offers a safe place for all who needs one
We as staff will work our hardest to make this server as safe as it can be

What we offer;
-System Bots/Help
-Many bots to mess around with
-Many different channels to choose from, including Opt-In ones
- Safe places to vent your emotions, even some where you don't have to worry about people replying
-Many different activities to choose from!
-Many spaces for questions to be asked
-Many roles to choose from
-Friendly staff

Love, The Nature System
morgy borgy Bumped 2 days ago

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Shade Shade
inactive an booorrring
I don't really like this server, but the mods are absolutely lovely, i'd reckonmend if you don't mind inactivity in servers and stuff like that. Really respectful though
62 days ago