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Land of Lewdness
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Land of Lewdness

Hello all my lewd friends! Welcome to the Land of Lewdness!! We're a small but fun server for any of your horny dreams, and we're constantly growing and expanding.

🎉NSFW channels to view any erotic media!

🎉ERP channels/categories to get immersed into a lewd wonderland!

🎉Plenty of bots to fit any need, from kisses and hugs, to fucking and lewding!
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darbo ♡ darbo ♡
Awesome and chill server to hangout and RP in
I love the RP side of this server, it's not too active but all my RPs and ERPs have been awesome fun so far! All the people are great to talk to and interact with, and I haven't had any bad experiences so far. Go join! The owners are doing their best to keep it alive and healthy.
24 days ago