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Free public sysbot DARKRAI!
darkrai Bumped 3 days ago

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darkrai darkrai
Free public sysbot
At darkrai’s nightmare it’s simple no long queues on the free Pokémon genning bot a few games to play if you like and a great community of people!
10 days ago
eve 💍 eve 💍
A pretty good server
I'll start this off with the positives: The server has a lot of Sysbots, which is very good at genning pokemon for Sword/Shield. I have had no issue with the bots, and they accept showdown formats or PKHex files. The people in the server are very kind as well, and will help you out if a bit won't make a mon by telling you what you need to change. The owners a good one too. They host lots of giveaways as well, and lots of people win different things.

EDIT: The genner fixed all of my Pokémon! They also communicated very well, responding quickly and fixing their errors. So I have deleted my negatives part of my review, and bumped my rating to five stars. A very good server with good genners, lots of giveaways, nice perks, and more!
49 days ago