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Divine Art

Divine Art is a Discord server that focuses on art improvement. For members at our server, we strive to keep a safe environment for our community while expressing art in its best colors along the way.

What We Offer:
- Self-assignable Discord Roles
- Artist Partner Program
- Daily, weekly, and monthly art prompts and topics.
- Many Discord bots and art text channels to use.
- Free promotional channel.
- Starboard
- Battle of Art
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Rainnd33r Rainnd33r
Great experience!
Since joining the server I've met many talented artist and really cool new friends. Generally the server is pretty homey with a chill owner. The rules aren't that strict and interactions with others are really lighthearted and nice. So far I don't really see any negative sides of this server and I hope it remains at that! I really appreciate the owner's efforts to update the server regularly yo make it a better place for everyone! I really enjoy this server UwU
4 days ago
Coty Coty
The server is interesting to say the least.

The owner is a little cranky, but he's a good Joe, and goes out of his way to improve the server to the best of his abilities.

The members of the server are always willing to be helpful, and could care less about your political views, skill levels, or similar.

They're respectful, without jumping to the SJW train, you're free to be yourself here, within reason of course.

The server offers plenty of opportunities for you to post and advance your artwork. Whether it be traditional, digital, or musical.

The owners, admins, mods, and other members are also more than willing to offer any creative advice, tips, or critiques regardless to whether you're a professional, or just starting out.

And much like anything there is always room for improvement, it's not quite the grand server it could be, but it will get there with time, effort, and support.
5 days ago
Kiwiss Kiwiss
The staff are pure 10/10
The community is split into whatever you might like or enjoy.
As well as the server being well constructed and maintained. Overall I highly recommend this to the aspiring artist!
5 days ago
Divine Divine
honest personal opinion
I think this is a great opportunity to meet fellow artists from the community of artists. Rules are not too strict and the owner is chill. No drama at all. If you're looking for a pretty decent server, I would check this one out.
5 days ago