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In a region that has not been uncovered or named, the town's residents started to notice a strange phenomenon. After the fall of a meteorite a few days ago, the pokemon began to speak and act like humans and thus they were able to understand them. It took a little longer but the pokemon began gaining more humanoid figures and appearances. Battles became less common as the people and pokemon wanted to live in a more normal harmony. That doesn't mean battles don't happen, just not how it used to be.

In this world the pokemon look and act only slightly more human. This helps bring their sexual desires up. The are willing to mate with whoever they want here, human or pokemon.

We accept anyone who may be seen as an outcast here. You can be almost anything you want here. Being a pokemon allows you to be able to do moves and stay strong, creating strong connections with your partner. As a trainer, you can catch pokemon to form bonds with, become closer with them and have a good time. Breeding is a good way of doing this since some pokemon like to get intimate with their trainers. We also have monster tainers, so if you want to be a beast of legend that is a trainer, go for it.

Team void has been formed! Team void is made up of members of the past failed teams, looking for a more confident leader then those beaten by 10 year olds. Team void has teamed up with Giratina, who is planning to use their help so he can defeat Arceus, who is trying to somewhat make peace with Giratina.

So good luck, have fun, and enjoy the world of pokelove!
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Great community
This server has a great and non-toxic community, even all of the staff are nice and non-bias. I have nothing but good things to say about this place.
37 days ago