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DC Universe RP ✨
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DC Universe RP ✨

*To be accepted you must state your favorite DC quote for access!*
Heroes and Villains all have relationships. They form and break depending on what choices said characters make. It is up for you to decide the fate of your character and those around them. Alignments can change as well as people, what will happen?
This server has no timeline, different events and such will help form our own! Your character can be based on shows, movies, comics, or all sources! As long as it makes sense. Can't wait to see what happens!

Please don't be shy, come on down to check if a character you want to play is available!! :D The Mods are nice, everything is neatly informed, we'd love to have you! If you're having trouble having someone to roleplay with, a mod will create a character to help you ease into the server so you can stay involved! <333

What this server has to offer:
- Nice staff
- Bot fun
- Fun roleplay experiences via literate threads and fun group chats using Tupp! (More info on it can be found in the server!)
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