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BDSM Palace
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BDSM Palace

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hello and welcome to BDSM Palace!

What We Offer
► custom roles
► channels to fit all your needs
► a looking for channel if youre searching
► relaxed rules
► BDSM themes
► LGBT+ friendly
► welcoming to all experience levels
► custom made bot
► transparent suggestions channel

► 16 or older
► only 18+ can view nsfw content / post it, absolutely no nsfw content will be viewed by 16&17 year olds
► an open mindset, no kinkshaming is allowed here

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Ratings & Reviews

1 review
Despairagus Despairagus
Active as Heck
The server may be small, but just about all the members are active! They're wonderful people who are more than happy to give you tough love. The members are a joy to interact with and pull some silly jokes with. I do quite like the staff, they are very level headed and are happy to keep you informed. I'm extremely happy to have found this server!
10 days ago