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Liberty City Roleplay

Liberty City Roleplay

Seeking a roleplay server that is based on GTA 4's fictional cities? well then Liberty City Roleplay is what you're looking for!

The Liberty City Roleplay is a city roleplaying server based on Liberty City (HD Universe from GTA 4), The year is set in 2007, one year before event of GTA 4. you can roleplay as a citizens or as a police, NOOSE and FIB or join the Mafias or gangs. You can also meet new people.

The possibilities are endless. You can become whatever you want, such as join the LCPD or NOOSE or FIB or the Mafias or the Gangs. We also welcome any role players!

What we can offer:

-Friendly staff!

-Lots of RP channel!

-Open Partnerships!

-and much more!

-----Looking for-----


-Moderators, and Partnership Manager!

-Active role players!

Join now! (We're not a FiveM roleplay! We're just a city roleplaying server!)
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