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DC comics: A New Earth
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DC comics: A New Earth

Welcome to DC Comics: A New Earth
•This is a RP server with OCs and Canon Characters we all love

•The Owner and Mods are huge fans of DC comics so if you are new to it we’re more than happy to explain things

•This server is our own Earth, so the stories are limitless.

•We have plenty of canon characters left to RP as!

A long time ago
A being called The Center fell on to Earth, killing the dinosaurs. And burying itself into the earth. Green Lanterns knew what The Center was so they put a force field around it, so it could never escape.

Krypton was on the break of an Invasion due to Brainiac’s forces. Zod helped him accomplish this invasion because he knew Krypton was on the break of destruction. Kal-El as a baby was sent to earth because of his parents, fearful that their son will die because of the invasion

Years Later, on earth The first super human, Known as Wonder Woman fought in WW1 and WW2 the world doesn’t know where she has disappeared to after that

Now, The Year is 2019 and Meta humans started popping up, The UN government are worried that they might take over the world one day. But who knows, some may be good, some may be bad, others might be both. You decide.
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