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Green Roses

Hello there! We are a fairly large discord (1000+ members) of active witches on all levels from baby to experienced! We were formed together by the wonderful RubyofRoses on TikTok! We talk about all things witch to non-witchy information! If you ever want to connect to the witch community and make friends and learn new information join us!

What our server includes:

- Multiple channels directed towards specific information (herbs, paths, book recommendations)
- A variety selection of roles you can add that will help you be unique and stand out!
- Fun bots such as Helios, PokéMeow, and Rhythm
- A warm inviting environment that has a "no tolerance" to arguing and toxicity!

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Ratings & Reviews

17 reviews
quackface quackface
great for community &/or research
This server is full of great people who are helpful for answering questions, finding books & articles on research topics, & just chatting about magical ideas.
It also has daily or weekly clubs you can opt into and a growing library.
Perfect for beginners or more advanced practioners 💕
21 days ago
AltheaTheHellenicPagan(Αλθαία) AltheaTheHellenicPagan(Αλθαία)
This server is amazing, I have been here for about 4 months currently and I couldn't imagine leaving. The Mods are great and its such a loving server! This server has literally fixed my sleep schedule as people got emotionally involved in it. This is a server full of information and has great support for Baby witches. Would 10/10 recommend this server to any witch
32 days ago
Leenaran Leenaran
Friendly server with lots of great resources!
This server has been amazing! The members and staff are all super friendly and willing to talk about a wide variety of topics. The server is active every single day and there are people are varying experience levels so there's plenty of support for beginners. Cannot say enough good things about this server :) it's really become a home and safe space for my practice!
55 days ago
sarahb.2003 sarahb.2003
Love my online witchy family
Green Roses is so great. Not only are there lots of resources but a lot of helpful members. I have been on it pretty much since the beginning and it has become like my little witchy family and everyone is always nice. 😊
60 days ago