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アニメ Nation

❍ About アニメ Nation ❍
This server is a community server where you can
hang out, meet people, and have fun! The server
has an anime theme and emojis but it's really a
place to hang out. What you see is what you get
with this server. We have...

→┋ Events: vibes, karaoke, movie night,
submission events, games, "VC concerts", and
other anime and community based activities!

→┋ Bots: The bots to the side of your screen
have their own channels so be sure to use them!
They're a lot of fun!

→┋Community: This is a place to hang out and
express yourself (following the rules like no NSFW)!
Hang out in vc and talk! Get to know each other!

→┋Anime and Otaku related Content: Anime
emojis, theme, info, and discussion! We also will
have some updates to anime such as news on
seasons and production!

→┋Gaming Content: It's not uncommon to see
someone playing games on Discord, why not join in!
Hang out and play with them to meet some new
people and have fun!

And more on the way! Please spread the word about the
server because the more people we have, the more fun this
place will be!

That's all for now and enjoy your stay at アニメ Nation!
❍ ~ Rabbit-Sama ❍
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