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₊˚. — hiraya. ✿

Looking for a semi-shitpost, semi-active, and fully wholesome server to call home? You're just in luck! Hiraya always has its gates open for you, friend!

⁀➴ 𝘩𝘪𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘢

🌸 ɞ a cute and cozy garden theme
🌸 ɞ 16+ and mostly sfw server
🌸 ɞ level 1, lots of booster perks
🌸 ɞ server currency and shop
🌸 ɞ friendly and laid back staff
🌸 ɞ chill and semi-shitpost community

We'd love to see you bloom in Hiraya! ♡
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
beefy beck beefy beck
Hiraya is a god tier server.
H- Hiraya
I- Iraya
R- Raya
A- Aya
Y- Ya
A- A
Hiraya is probably the kindest, best server that you will ever join. I have enjoyed my time in Hiraya so much and met so many good friends and people here. There is not a single bad part of this server, the owner is great, the staff is great, all the members are great, and the aesthetic is really cool. Hiraya is definitely 10/10.
104 days ago
Quil Quil
Hiraya is one of the best communities I've come across. This is coming from someone only in 2 public servers, because I always just end up joining and leaving right away. Everyone is fun, supportive, crazy (in a good way), and just overall amazing. Thank you for making this server and cheers for more pleasant memories to come!
Inkstaine Inkstaine
Admin response
QUILLLLL!! I just saw this now, I haven't opened this in a while >< Thank you so much for this review and thank you for being a part of Hiraya!! :) <3 Also, thank you for the 5 stars!
139 days ago
Sayon Sayon
"Bad" Server <3
Don't join this server because it is full of nice people! If you need help in the server, you can pretty much ask anyone for it. Nobody shall ruin that vibe for me and others in the server.
Inkstaine Inkstaine
Admin response
sayon i just saw this omg thank you for the 5 stars!! and also that's so sweet ;-; thank u for helping us with and also streaming jackbox for us!! we are v happy to have u in hiraya :)
166 days ago
Hopeful.Loser Hopeful.Loser
Easily one of my favorite servers on discord! I’ve only been here for a few weeks but everyone is so nice and makes you feel welcome.
Inkstaine Inkstaine
Admin response
OMG HOPE ;-; <3 i’m so glad you like it there :) and awh you’re a really nice (and super funny!!) guy too and we all love having you there >:0 <333 and thank u for the five stars too!!!!
174 days ago