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The Transarctic Underground is an 18+ free speech community and information gathering and disseminating node focusing on fringe topics related to various esoterica including the occult, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial/interdimensional entities, cryptids, geopolitics, theology, and philosophy. We have our own podcast called Radio Free Transarctica and welcome anyone to come contribute and ask questions and take part in our live YouTube broadcasts found at on the channel of the community's founder Lex White. Lex White also teaches lectures on occult topics including an on-going series on The Secret Teachings of All Ages and upcoming videos on I Ching, Tarot, Runes, Kabbalah, and various other items of occult interest. We exist to gather information and provide it to the public free of charge. Our goal is to empower people to speak their minds freely and to disseminate all kinds of information in a free and open environment conducive to learning and personal growth. All people are welcome provided they remain courteous to one another and do not take part in any spamming or practices harmful to the server that may result in the server being removed from Discord (unfortunately we can't allow completely unlimited free speech because Discord will censor us, but we allow free speech as much as Discord's rules and regulations permit). Please join us and contribute to our passionate and quickly growing community of people from all walks of life and many different belief systems! All are equal and welcome here, in the name of love for all our brothers and sisters on Earth and across the universe.
Hope to see you soon!
Love and Light,
Lex White.
lex Bumped 27 days ago

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TheAuntithesis TheAuntithesis
Esoteric Minds Want To Know
Transarctic Underground is a haven for free and open discourse for those of us who want to live beyond the box. It is a welcoming community, in large part due to its founder Lex. His companion videos on Radio Free Transarctica are always thought provoking. The news and topics talked about on Transarctic Underground are interesting and definitely not mainstream. If you want to expand your horizons and explore arcane topics, this is the place.
168 days ago
Atma Atma
A quiet guide to the universe
The owner of this server does podcasts about all sorts of spiritual topics, mainly involving history and the now. There is a very welcome loving atmosphere when joining, and it is easy to join in on what is happening or being talked about. Very public space, high emphasis on freedom of speech.
172 days ago