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Anteiku Cafe ☕╎Nitro Giveaway
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Anteiku Cafe ☕╎Nitro Giveaway

💬 A chill, active community to chat and make friends with!

💞 Media channels such as memes, anime pics and selfies.

🎭 A variety of self-assignable roles and colours to put on!

🔱 Activity rankings and level roles!

🤖 A variety of server bots such as Dank Memer and Mudae!

🍿 Frequent community events such as and hunger games!

🧞 Fun server games such as corrupt-a-wish and one word stories!

🔮 Frequent nitro giveaways and drops!

👀 Looking for partnerships and affiliates!

squeegie Bumped 3 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
crispier than a pan-fried pancake
absolutely brilliant server, and not to toot my own horn, but spectacular staff here, especially the admins, wink wink. enjoy your stay lmao
49 days ago
3 1
pOnDkA pOnDkA
Shing shing shing
ok so squeegie forced me to do this but this is very good server u know, and uh yh
squeegie squeegie
Admin response
Force? I merely sent the review link in #general ;)
*how tf did u get out of the basement*
54 days ago
エミリア エミリア
fun server
a good place to chat, staff are also nice
i should be more active there lmao
5/5 ig 👀
squeegie squeegie
Admin response
Thanks for the positive review!
57 days ago
Iso Iso
Mhhh Great server but ew...people make fun of each other anyway.
Yes great server i love it....But peop make fun of each other all day... Great staff but Pondka gets abused so that suck....#IsoForOwner....#SatorixWakatoshifreepostinanteiku...So yes great server JOIN IT !!!
squeegie squeegie
Admin response
Thanks for the positive review! The abuse is 100% consensual 😂😂
57 days ago