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Gru’s Lab
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Gru’s Lab

Q:What makes your server special? :thinking:
A:We are relatively active and an interesting community to say the least :speaking_head:

Q:Is the community good? :thinking:
A:Some people are toxic but most are fine and good :scream:

Q:Do you have decent roles? :thinking:
A:Yes ofc :clown:

Q:Are the admins power hungry?
A:YES, but I will try to protect you as much as I can :hugging:

Q:What makes the server special? :thinking:
A:All the reasons above :slight_smile::point_up_2:

Q:You seem to have a decent amount of members, will I be ignored/forgotten? :cry:
A:Somebody is ALWAYS online for you to talk to :blush:
So please join thank you.
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