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Hello! This is a close knit server started because we wanted a way to communicate with our friends outside of gaming. We made this little community not to long ago and we've already got some interest. We're a brand spankin' new server with great people, a friendly and a safe atmosphere. Please join us in growing and becoming a great server.
Minmin Bumped 50 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

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Goose Of Pond Goose Of Pond
Chill And Enjoyable
This server is good for a few reasons. While fairly new and small, the chats are decently active, people are willing to group up and play games together which is always a bonus. The members and staff are friendly and welcoming to newcomers.
56 days ago
Minmin Minmin
Friendly Server
Hey! I know I'm the one who posted the server, but I really do think that this is a great server. We're a great group of people to get to know.
59 days ago