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Suicide Prevention Server

Welcome everyone!
We made this server to be a safe heathen and a place where people seeking help and people seeking to give help can meet together.

The rules are mostly common sense for everyone.

You are more then welcome to join and we are welcomeing you with open hands!
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✿♡~Little Potato~♡✿ ✿♡~Little Potato~♡✿
Great Community
The people here are amazing, great helpers, life guards, members, etc. I felt comfortable here within a few minutes of joining. Everyone is so nice, and caring. So many great personalities. Gives a good laugh, brightened my day so many times. The helpers and life guards are great listeners, and are understanding. The sweetest ever. Definitely 1 of a kind, server. Won't find anything like this. Won't regret joining. Has really changed me, has really helped, was a great choice I've made.
19 hours ago
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✿♡~Little Snakelet Bray~♡✿ ✿♡~Little Snakelet Bray~♡✿
Helpful Server
This server is very helpful, sometimes things might happen, but we all get that. This server has really good owners, admins, mods, and helpers. You can also make new friends, don't be afraid to ask any of us to be your friends. This server is a good place to express yourself in many ways. So many good channels just to cheer people up and express yourself! You don't have to need help to be here, you can just be a member or become a helper if you would like! Us helpers are always here to help you when you're in need. We love every single one of you once you join the server. Remember we care for you and if you need help I would recommend you join! Sometimes we have lots of fun in this server which cause us to laugh and have a good time! Enjoy your stay in the Suicide Prevention Server where we are here to help!

Sincerely, One Of The Helpers~
1 day ago
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Karah❤❤❤ Karah❤❤❤
this is my view of the server
this server is awesome. People here are supportive. We all like to have fun. But we be serious when we need to be. Gia is one of the owners he is very nice, kind, and is always there to help. Zukey is the other owner people are scared of him idk why tho cause hes just as nice as gia. This server has changed my life for the better and im glad i found it. :)
1 day ago
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Little Hero Little Hero
Being suicidal I have joined this server in the hopes of making new friends and realizing that I’m not alone. Boy was I wrong.

First they had an update which basically shut the whole server down. Be being in littlespace (I am an age regressor) was in a panic. I was shaking and scared thay I would lose the server I called home.

They muted me and at one point banned me because I was having a panic attack. But they unbanned me after convincing.

One of the owners said that the longer they deal with my “tantrum” the longer the update will take.

You have the nerve to say I was having a tantrum when it was clearly a panic attack?

They consider panic attacks childish behavior.

Then they allowed another member to joke about suicide. I vented and he said that the fact that people wanting to die is funny.

Here is a screenshot:

One of the admins told me to ignore them and others are saying that it’s because of their mental health.

You don’t joke about suicide. End of story.

All in all this server needs work. The staff clearly don’t know the difference between a tantrum and a panic attack, and they don’t know that joking about suicide is unacceptable in a suicide prevention server, and they allow their members to yell and argue.

Nobody listens to you, the admins only listen to their favorite members, and this whole server is a mess.

This isn’t a suicidal prevention server at all. It’s more of a casual server with a vent channel.

Did I mention that so many people suggested pluralkit cuz some people have did and they won’t even listen? Shows how much they care.

I’m sorry it had to come to this because I have met some nice people here but I feel like for the safety of others looking to join I need to tell them what goes on behind closed doors.

Feel free to dm me I change my user a lot so just use whatever user is listed on here with #2320

Please stay safe. Hopefully this server gets better.

Edit: looks like they’re trying to make me look like the bad guy here. That’s fine. But there is evidence of your flaws that I have provided. If you can’t accept criticism then don’t use disboard.

Yes. I age regress. But you said that my panic attack was a “tantrum” and it had really offended me.

I mean every word I say. I’m only still here because there are certain people I still wanna talk to.

Please. Improve yourself and learn to actually listen.
Gia Gia
Admin response
We're sorry for your bad experience in the server Sakura, but there are some things that should be addressed.

You were not just having a panic attack, you were making everyone around you panic, so we had to move you to the #time-out channel in order to talk with you away from the rest and try to calm you down.

We understand that your childish behaviour originates from your little space and age regression, but in no way shape of form we can treat you differently from everyone else just because of that. Age regression doesn't give you free-pass to treat everyone like you did.

What's more intriguing is how despite your very negative review, you remain being in our server normally. We will not ban anyone without justified reason, but for the public information we had to better clarify what's really going on with your situation.
3 days ago