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Welcome to Pleasures
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༻﹡﹡What is Pleasures?﹡﹡༺
Pleasures is a **18+** community of Domme and Subs and soley focused on that BDSM based dynamic. We welcome Dommes of all kind and encourage everyone to join not only to find a partner that completes them, but to find other like minded and fun people to interact with!

༻﹡﹡The Pleasures Community﹡﹡༺
Pleasures is an interactive dom/sub community for those wishing to find the Domme and/or sub of their dreams. The community provides both a platform and a bridge for others to join from all over the world in order to find a common ground and perhaps affection for anyone who wants it. As much as a Domme/Sub community, it is also simply a community! Anyone who needs to talk, laugh, or enjoy company can come here.

༻﹡﹡How is this server special?﹡﹡༺
➴ Exclusive leveling up system
➴ Members to be able to have a say in major and minor event changes and updates,
➴ Access to fun, VIP type channels
➴ Over 15 Open Roleplay Channels
➴ A whole category dedicated to hentai of your choice
➴ Over 20 custom colors

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RosewithThorns RosewithThorns
Join Fuckers.
Uh right, so I don't like writing reviews because I don't think people need more of an ego boost or power trip on these. But I do genuinely think that this server does deserve full kudos. The server caters to everything, quite literally everything, that someone might want to see or do on a discord server. I haven't been here for very long but I was friends with the owner way back when she first joined and she has poured a lot of love and commitment into this. The members, for the most part aren't active but spare a few incidents, the ones that I've talked to have been pretty chill and fairly welcoming.

The only downside I would say about the server is that there are only 2 staff members, but in a group with almost 300 members out of which only a few talk, I can see the struggle they're in. Despite that, the server isn't what one would consider dead, theres a fun and engaging conversation every hour and even when theres a period of silence, the server owner and her moderator do their best to try and keep the ball rolling. The server is consistently bumped and lemme say, the custom colors they have here are bomb as fuck. Anyways, I ain't forcing anyone to join, but you snooze you lose.
daredevil daredevil
Admin response
Thank you for the very 'you' review Rose! We appreciate it! ^-^
1 day ago