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Wings of Freedom
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Wings of Freedom

🍁 Welcome to Wings of Freedom!! Come and join in to meet our friendly members and our amazing staff! 🍁

🍂 Do you want to have some fun? We play UNO and Cards Against Humanity almost every day!
🍂We have bots like Dank Memer, OwO, Mudae to claim waifus, and BoxBot which is used to collect some cool weapons and use them against your friends!
🍂 QOTDs are asked daily.
🍂 Self-promo is allowed, but please ask the mods first if you wish to do the promotion.
🍂 We mainly talk about anime, but everyone is allowed to have any type of conversation!
🍂 No NSFW please.

🍁 If you want anything else in the server, feel free to leave a suggestion! I hope you enjoy :D 🍁
Amaterasu Bumped 8 hours ago

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turnofftheoven turnofftheoven
Best Server Ever!!!
This server is super friendly and very chill, it feels like a huge family. The emotes are cool and the creator of the server is the best!!
Amaterasu Amaterasu
Admin response
64 days ago