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Splatoon Chapters

Hello! This is the Splatoon Chapters Roleplay Server! What does it mean to be 'chapters?' Well, it means each of your characters will have a chance to have a chapter to explain their backstory in more depth! Come join us! We have:

- Audition-able canon characters
- Unique original characters
- Hardworking moderators & staff
- Fun Roleplay in all of the Splatoon locations
- Interesting plots

And much more! I hope you join us and enjoy your time with us!
makqui Bumped 7 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
AGNT Eight-ette AGNT Eight-ette
Great Server with Great Community
Honestly, since I've joined this server I've had a really great time on it. The admins are friendly, the community is top notch, and the rp is fun! The mods also have a great ban appeal system. I would reccomend checking this server out!
16 days ago
1 1
my gender is goth my gender is goth
Really nice server. :)
Honestly, everyone here is really nice. I don't see any flaws. Good server overall, ngl.
28 days ago
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pixel fire HD pixel fire HD
Patient but Fun
This server is honestly good, the casual chatting is nothing out of the ordinary, RP is enjoyable and mostly consistent from a story standpoint, and the Mods and Admins do pretty well at keeping things in check. Yes, there might be an out of place conversation or joke gone wrong here and there, but any server big enough is gonna have some of those too, so you can't call it unique.

The only real critique is time. Due to time zones or other IRL factors, there are times when the server is, quote on quote, "dead" or Role playing may be minimal, but with a bit of patience, I say it's worth it.
42 days ago
bad talk.
if you want to talk then this server is not suitable for you at all. I did my best but after an hour they have not yet responded
makqui makqui
Admin response
Hi! Admin Ravi here. I'm not sure exactly who you are, my friend, and I can't recall anyone being ignored for an hour recently. Can you explain what happened so that we can improve in the future?
49 days ago