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This is a server about Europe
People with shared culture, history, language, and origin.

A welcoming server with roles based on region, country, language, activity and more.

What we have:

▪️A Minecraft realm
▪️Fact of the day
▪️Question of the day
▪️Welcoming members
▪️ 20+ active topic channels such as: languages, history, politics, modern news, philosophy, mythology
▪️A rank system based on your contribution to the server
▪️ Optional roles based on your interests and personality type
▪️ Events such as games, movies, live-streams, discussions, etc
▪️Much more

All beliefs are welcome.
All languages are welcome.
Open to partnerships.
Non-Europeans interested in Europe are welcome.
TW: chat may contain sensitive material
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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews
diana diana
ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ(・o・)
i like this server, good place to spend time in, all of the people are always friendly :)
18 days ago
Acidus Acidus
One of the best servers i've been in
Great community, one of the nicest on discord, a place where i can have and take part in actual civil debates without it devolving into an argument, the people are super friendly and it's my favorite server to be in
33 33
Admin response
thank u acidus
43 days ago
javella javella
Fantastic server
This is a fantastic server, everyone is extremely welcoming and it's absoloutely amazing. Everyone here is so sweet and the amount of people learning another language and helping each other is so high. Learning another language and having someone to talk to is fantastic, and you can do that here. I highly recommend this server to other internationals.
33 33
Admin response
thanks ella, honorary mod
59 days ago
DarkMatter DarkMatter
wholesome and fun
A fine and enjoyable server for general discussions, memes, politics and other topics revolving around Europe and what not. The server is well-made, the bots are good, the people are great and the mods are just. Would 100% recommend.
33 33
Admin response
best greek
68 days ago