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❝Kink Playground❞ ♡ 18+
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❝Kink Playground❞ ♡ 18+

:・゚✧ Hello and welcome to Kink Playground ! *:・゚✧

We have so much to do!
✿ A long list of NSFW roles...
♥ Color roles...
✿ SFW and NSFW chats...
♥ RP chats...
✿ Pet, Little, Dom and Sub space channels...
♥ Porn channels for verified members...
✿ Regular, degrading, movie night and sleep voice chats...
♥ Kind admins...
✿ Nude channels for different genders...

Join us now,!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Eterna ☆ Eterna ☆
Great Kink Server
I'm not heavily into kink myself but Kink Playground is a great community where so many people have made friends. It's also very well setup with cute channels and graphics. They also have a ton of events, and the server is active.
16 days ago
Obtenebration Obtenebration
I love it here
They got memes that fulfil my wildest dreams, staff are great and friendly and the rest of the server is pretty great
170 days ago
Bakuboi Bakuboi
Best server I'm in
Server is very friendly and has a great community. I am happy to have joined this server and have been able to become apart of the community.
170 days ago
Pupper Pupper
My New Home ♡
Not only are the moderators and staff extremely quick with verification, but the community is welcoming and friendly. I'm so proud and happy to be a part of such a wonderful Kink server. ♡
223 days ago