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⋆﹥ ꒰ witchcore ꒱ ;; ‧₊˚✩彡
we are a welcoming community for people of any religion or spirituality, although we are witchcraft based. witchcore’s goal is to help everyone grow in their craft, learn more about their craft and themselves, and make some awesome friends along the way!
some of our perks include:

•🌸• resources to help you with your craft
•✨• school system where our lovely teachers host classes on witchcraft or other religion/spiritualities
•🌸• clubs where u can discuss your favorite hobbies and topics, including cooking, gardening, the arts, lgbt, gaming, divination, mental health, starseed, spirit work, literature, entertainment, and sports!
•✨• a place to ask questions about witchcraft
•🌸• triggering topics channels and a triggering topics access role so that you only have to see what you’re comfortable with
•✨• and lastly, lovely mod and spiritual staff teams to moderate the server and deal with any spiritual matters within the server!
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sunjuici sunjuici
The staff here is both friendly and caring. When they set their mind to doing something, they stick to it. I have both loved and hated working here, but everything that I've hated has made us all closer which benefits the members. I highly recommend joining even if you don't practice witchcraft because, in the end, you have lifelong friends just waiting for you behind that invite link.
17 days ago
alleyway™ alleyway™
best witch server
a great place to hang out with others, witches or not

everyone is kind and so nice when you join

they answer almost all of your questions and have a lot of info
60 days ago
Салем Салем
This server is amazing and fun to interact with! Staff are kind and welcoming. Bots are fun to play with and members of server are helpful and fun.
80 days ago
amazing, kind, wonderful space to be in! they are very very welcoming, and very very accepting of everyone! :D
110 days ago