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Mythical Utopia
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Mythical Utopia

This server is the conjunction of every supernatural community. Where we can cherish and love...Welcome to the world of where mythical creatures and magic arise the land on earth!.. This world gives sexy creatures on earth you never seen, desires, love, and adventure! go ahead!..your destiny is calling you!

~basic rules!~
This server is mostly for 18+..
-keep it in mild language..
-be respect and more..


This server's lore is made by me.... Main lore: "Long time ago, before the Magical era....a sort of shooting star, blasting through the earth's atmosphere! It looks very magical.. but, that glowing meteorite hit the ground...shaking the Earth's soil ground. The magic hits all around the earth, creatures arose the land, the sea, the air, underground...spreading! Showing there is light side of the species...but also a dark side of it.. that meteorite is blessing...but a curse. The Humans on earth gets individually gets affected by it's magic..affects them..becoming like a creature or gain magic within them. Land went shaking up the ground...terraforming the earth itself, the lands itself gets each magical, Earth, Sea, metal, light, dark, Air, Wind, ..scattered across the world...islands...going off to the sky! Defying gravity itself! Creatures..becoming destructive, and helpful..but confused
That's not the worst of it, One thing that is truly the dark side of the species..One Person can control this kind of thing..Is the Dark Emperor himself, The dark Emperor conquered one of the creatures land...claimed it for himself, he gained armies..but Humans and other species won't allow it..I after a while..It became a war...some people called it.."Light and dark war"...After few decades...the wizard mages and the gods managed to stop him, they can't kill him..but able to trap him..they set a spell on him..Cursing the dark Emperor to spend his days balancing the light and evil... He controls the underground, the Gods controls above..maintaining balance, but the danger still lurks... Humans consider themselves..."The protectors of land"...but some humans and creatures gets consumed by greed..those people get banished for stealing, assault, threatening..they call themselves "a clan of Thieves"
After couple of decades, Wizards decided to make a dome against intruders to protect their kingdom..their city..It's not worth the risk losing more others. Each clan gotten seperate..tired of their old home, but said missed well. Those clans go to different biomes or magical help out creatures, who are in need of several centuries, each elements gotten a their lives well. Each continent has a ally..but not always, including the death island..
After some time, legend says..."a chosen one will help stop the chaos, but each person has their own story"...
Centuries later..."Welcome to the present!..The story is not's the beginning of your story..Good luck, with your true yours truly, Queen Pierce.."

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𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚆𝚎 𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛;

│ ✧ A reasonable Moderation Team.
│ ✧ Active members and staff.
│ ✧ Respectful Community.
│ ✧ All sorts of time zones.
│ ✧ Multiple Roleplay Categories.
│ ✧ Events of all sorts and types.
│ ✧ OC's! [Original Characters].
│ ✧ Fun Self-Assignable Roles!
│ ✧ Semi-Literate Roleplay! [Yet accepting of others.]
│ ✧ Your own powers to choose!
And More!
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Promanboss Promanboss
Hello!..Since I made this server..i personally started feeling attached o this server...people are really growing
189 days ago