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Saviet Union Mafia
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Saviet Union Mafia

A Mafia server with a rich history and experienced community.
We are open for suggestions and implementations of game-modes and have experienced coders.
Captain Luffy Bumped 4 days ago

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Topkinsme Topkinsme
Very good place to play fun mafia games on!
This is a very good server which runs games very often. If you like mafia and would like to try out a discord variation of it, this is the perfect place to visit. This place offers loads of fun for anyone interested :)
39 days ago
2 5
androidmaster552 androidmaster552
Please read it and think before defending (Don't bother admins' post)
I know that a lot of people are defending this server and it's okay to do that. Knowing that this server's adminstration and most of the active players are good at at hiding their dirty secret, I can safely assure that you think this server is original and fun server. Some innocent ones even work for them.
Unfortunately, I need to tell you that
1. This server copied a well-known mafia server without giving them credit. In fact, they actually mocked and demoralize them.
2. The core players in the server started a raid and destroyed one mafia game server. They also started multiple random raids and throw some random insults to people.
3. The core players wanted to start a so called "revolution", which basically means they want to steal the ownership of the game developer of that well-known server and then demote, possibly ban all adminstrators of the server.
I highly suggest you to think of what they did before defending them. They loved to say "there're no proof" but unfornuately, numerous people have secretly captured the messages. The proofs will be publicly released at the right time.
It's obvious to understand who they are targetted on. They love to say "they don't want to talk about it" but I don't see that in their behaviours. I suggest you to DM these attacked targets before you judge whether this server's adminstartion is right or wrong.
128 days ago
4 2
Jeanne D'Arch Jeanne D'Arch
Warm startup community
Mafia is a game of lies and backstabbing. However, outside the games we host, the people are very amicable.

We pog.

167 days ago
4 2
Angel_of_Death Angel_of_Death
This server has been a very fun. The people are fun to play with. The game is well balanced the majority of the time. I hope to continue playing this game
168 days ago