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Waifu Palace
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Waifu Palace

We are a smaller, 18+ community with about 230 members aspiring to expand and build an active community with a lot of NSFW posting from everyone.

- 22 Hentai channels*
- 8 Furry channels*
- 14 IRL channels*
- 24 Hidden, personal channels that can be accessed by leveling up.
This gives us a total of 68 NSFW channels for you to enjoy.
(*Members can choose what channels they want to see!)
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Rhapsody Rhapsody
Good people, good library
Waifu Palace is currently a small server, making it easy to feel right at home. But even with the small member count, it has an extensive and growing library of images, gifts, and videos for your viewing pleasure.
48 days ago
Jeshimi (DMs Welcome) Jeshimi (DMs Welcome)
Nice People!
Everyone is really nice and respectful. And there are plenty of different rooms for different types of people. ❤️
134 days ago
ChironV ChironV
Join and Cum!
Waifus Palace is a small but nice community wich offers a ton of NSFW content.
You can meet new people from all over the world with most different kinks.
If you dont join my cat will be sad.
143 days ago
Brazy X Nejire ( Senpai😛) Brazy X Nejire ( Senpai😛)
To Much Zero Two Jkjk
This is a good server I love how they post hentai and you can request what you want them to post or you cans post it!
143 days ago