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No Anime No Life
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No Anime No Life

Welcome to No Anime No Life!
We are a primarily English speaking discord server focused on all things anime, manga, games, and more. Our aim is to provide resources, sources, and information for anyone looking for it and a welcoming community for everyone.
We have a friendly, welcoming, and wholesome community and would love to have you join us!

We do regular events such as streaming anime, game playthroughs and game nights.
We have:
Chat channels for various media
- Anime
- Manga
- Games
SFW & some NSFW picture channels (Age restricted)
- Misc Anime
- Shounen Ai
- Shoujo Ai
- Hentai
- Yaoi
- Yuri
- Rotating themed channels
Monthly prizes
- Discord Nitro
- Custom colour roles
- Akinator
- Tatsumaki
- Eli
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
lil nugget lil nugget
Best server on discord
Very nice server with friendly staff , new members are always welcomed ❤️❤️❤️ , so many cattos
2 days ago
Altraix Altraix
An amazing Family
This was one of the first servers I joined while being new to discord, I wasn't very sociable and they helped me open up and talk more and feel more at home being with them, I would definitely recommend this server they are very nice and have wonderful owner and mod, they make you feel like you belong there and they make fun streams,game nights,and art stream.
Looking forward to seeing you there <3
2 days ago
Moon 🌛 Moon 🌛
Top tier
Very nice server with friendly staff and people who are areasy to talk to and welcome new people pretty easily. With consistent streams and game nights to keep ya on your toes.
2 days ago
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy
I like it it’s pretty cool
It’s pretty cool, I like anime the server’s cool I don’t know what to say but if you like anime come on down.
17 days ago