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✨🌙Galactic Cosmos Overwatch Guild🌟 💫
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✨🌙Galactic Cosmos Overwatch Guild🌟 💫

We are an Xbox based overwatch guild. (We invite other platforms too but we are mainly Xbox!) In Galactic Cosmos we create a comfortable safe atmosphere for everyone. We have many different channels including general chat, art, selfies, pets, self-care, music, music creation, editing channel, girls only, comp and quick play squad, pokecord bot, OwO bot, etc! Here you can join a team and play with your team in team practices and even comp games! Have a solid team to play with so you have little chances of losing games. No toxicity allowed! Be nice to EVERYONE in the guild. As of now we are a new guild so it may be easier to get roles and harder to get a team together. You can become a team captain and invite players that you know or players that you played with recently so you can create a full team! I hope you have a great time in our galactic guild! We also have a coaching section of our discord that includes VOD reviews, coaching, and reviewing your coaching on how they did! Hope you decide to join us, I promise that you’ll have fun!
Wolf Bumped 12 days ago

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GalaxyGuitarz GalaxyGuitarz
Amazing server with fun bots and a nice environment
This server is the light of my day when I see my buddies on it. We are small but we sure love everyone in our small community. We already have a lovely new PC team and 2 XBOX teams!! Please consider this fun server!! The OwO bot is so cute and the dank memer bot is also my favorite. I also have that daily grind on pokecord!
52 days ago