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Island of destinyツ
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Island of destinyツ


-This is a great server where you can chill, make friends and have fun!
There are many channels/voice channels to talk in and chat about the things you like. we wont judge you for what you love.
our master is called kagaya and is a great server owner and loves having people on it.
This server was made by a small twitch streamer so feel free to join at any point. We love to talk to ANYONE and always appreciate when someone joins the server.
We are trying to grow our community and get a wide span of people on here, just vibing in our server means the world!:)
we talk about games, anime, food:), life and all sorts of things.
you'll never get bored in this server so come join!
we love to chat to new people and make new friends. swearing is allowed to a certain extent:))
Here are some of the fun features:
❧❧ just vibing and having fun❧❧
❧❧ chatting with new people, not rudeness:)❧❧
❧❧ listen to music❧❧
❧❧ come join my stream sometimes if youre bored!❧❧
❧❧ dont feel sad, we got u bruh❧❧
❧❧ chat about anime and share your art with us❧❧❧
❧❧ play games and save yourself from the virus!❧❧
As always, have fun:))
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ツ Nezuko ツ Nezuko
really chill
everyone is so nice welcoming funny and relatable only a few people say stuff in voice channel but everyone chats