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The year was 2014. A massive outbreak had occurred. Nothing like zombies or anything, only a virus. It started in a little girl, her name was Rose Witchery, age of seven. Such a young age to kill off more than half the word, right? It was June, a warm yet breezy day. June seventeenth to be exact. A little girl, age of seven was rushed into the ER. She was pale and skinny. Unnaturally skinny, you could see the bones in her cheeks and her ribs, she looked horrible. Her eyes were cloudy and light. Her parents said she had a cold just the other day, stayed home from school for a few days. She was eating fine, only a fever with some coughing. They said she threw up three times in a process of 2 days. She looked dead, her voice was frail and she was in endless pain. But every MRI and blood test showed nothing. They continued with their tests until it was too late. She died, and suddenly, her parents and most doctors showed signs of the same thing, soon enough, more than half of the world got infected.

That was six whole years ago. How have people lasted that long? With the help of Them of course. Who are They? Well, this is something that only the Leaders of the four teams know. Though, some of the Leaders might let it slip more to some survivors, others may not. It’s a life risking job being a leader. It really is a lot harder than it may seem.

Though, now that you know how this plague began, how about we carry on to your objectives on surviving?
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