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Danganronpa: Hopeful Summer Vacation!
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Danganronpa: Hopeful Summer Vacation!

Pack your bags, you're going on vacation!

Welcome to Danganronpa: Hopeful Summer Vacation! This is a roleplaying server for only ocs! Originality only, thank you!! Only 20 students will be allowed on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the competition is only heating up! Out of all the applications sent, only a select few will be picked! If you aren't picked, you can always stay as backup, just in case a cast member leaves or is offline for too long.

You can also apply to be a traitor, mastermind, or one of our lovely vacation planners! There will be many different events throughout this vacation to earn tokens, which can be used for the gacha machine, to buy special items, and much more! Trials, body discovers, motives, and other important events will happen once a week, unless otherwise announced. To murder someone, you will have to fill out a murder application sheet. If no one submits a application sheet, a lesser active cast member will be chosen to be killed! The deadline for applications will most likely be in May or June (hence the name, "hopeful summer vacation").

Welcome to Danganronpa: Hopeful Summer Vacation, a semi-serious and literate role-player server based on the Danganronpa games! Here we strive for a friendly environment, organization, and cleanliness. We provide the following:
🤍 Friendly and helpful staff members
🖤No canon characters, originality only
💛 LGBTQ+ Friendly
🧡Tight knit community
💜 NPC Bots
💚 & more!
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✬indecisive✬ ✬indecisive✬
The one and only place for all Danganronpa fans! It's so good! The community is nice, the admin team is understanding, and just everything is so welcoming!
22 days ago