≛Welcome to Harmonic

≭This server is made for everyone.≭
≭Random topics that you're interested in.≭
≭Special channels and categories. ≭
≭Voice calls.≭
≭Non toxic and drama server.≭
≭Friendly server.≭
≭Events. (Movie night, Game night and Gaming tournament)≭
≭Giveaways. (Nitro)≭
≭ List of cool/cute emotes.≭
≭Fun Games≭
≭Custom roles.≭
≭Accepts suggestions.≭
≭Sharing of talents (drawing, singing, arts, etc.≭
≭Vent and confessions (Channel).≭
≭Spam and rant (Channel).≭

≛This is a new and small server for now and I hope y'all will join and help us grow, enjoy your stay here!
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Ratings & Reviews

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ǝɹD ǝɹD
Time killing
This server is really fun to spend time on. You can make friends, talk about anime and many more stuff. I really love this server
131 days ago