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The Mostrum Ignotum Foundation
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The Mostrum Ignotum Foundation

Located in the Rocky Mountains, of Montana, is a Facility. Which this facility is owned by the Mostrum Ignotum Foundation, where they hold cyrptids and other mythical creatures. The Job of the Mostrum Ignotum, is to locate and capture these creatures to prevent the public from knowing their existence. The Foundation is comprised of teams and units to do the job the right way. For the paranormal and supernatural is out there, and its they'res no room for failure. The Units are comprised of Investigation and Retrieval. Investigation units are your average investigators, investigating the property, presence, and mystery of the creature and area that surrounds them. Their job is to gather intel and hand it over to the retrieval teams. Retrievals are moved in to capture, armed with weaponry and military training, they move in and retrieve the creature.
Once brought to the facility it is up to the scientists jobs to use human test subjects brought from prisons to see what the creature does and what i can do while also having a subtidal habitat. You can be anyone of these, including a creature itself. You can even have a creature assist the Foundation like many that does. Enjoy the supernatural.
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